[ut2004] UT2K4 ECE DVD

Steve Ellis icarus.lnx at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 11:49:02 EDT 2004

You could try (with umods) from the installed ut2004/System directory
./ucc-bin umodunpack -x file.ut4mod -nohomedir

But this can be a pain as it does not create the directories for the
mod, you need to look over the errors and make the directories
accordingly. Is this something that Ryan can fix in the ucc-bin, have
it run mkdir before coping the files over? I know it's a Unix/Linux
limitation, but could it be worked around within the ucc-bin itself?

As for the mods on the ECE disk, I have no idea. Try running 'file' on
them and see what they are (my guess is a win32 executable, which is
problems for Linux users)

Last resort you can always get the mods and manually install them or
use on of the installers put together from

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