[ut2004] Help? 64 bit linux client and poor fps.

Nathan Dale Van Eps nathanvaneps at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 29 02:28:33 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-11-28 at 15:52 -0800, Peter Hoff wrote:
> Nathan Dale Van Eps wrote:
> >BTW, I don't why you get more frames with "UseVSync=True", but this
> >should be false.
> >
>  From http://www.techspot.com/tweaks/jedioutcast/jedi-2.shtml
> "*Video Sync*. With this option you can /enable///disable/ Vsync in the 
> Game. Vsync effectively limits the frame rate to your current refresh 
> rate at any given resolution. Frame rate can be perceivably /increased/ 
> when set to *Off* (/disabled/), as frames are rendered as fast as they 
> can be regardless of refresh rate, although you may experience image 
> tearing &/or controller lag as a result. With this set to *On* 
> (/enabled/) you won’t experience either image tearing nor controller 
> lag, although frame rate will be limited to your refresh rate. As such 
> I’d recommend /enabling/ Vsync for best image quality & /disabling/ it 
> when you intend to benchmark system/game performance."
> Turning off vsynch should only give an increase in framerates if refresh 
> rate is the limiting factor. With a monitor less than a few years old 
> that's very unlikely to be the case, so you're better off leaving it on.

That doesn't explain why the original poster would get more FPS with
VSync on.

I've read benchmarking articles where disabling vsync could increase
your FPS by ten or more. And they were on newer systems. But it wasn't
on the Unreal engine. I believe it was on Quake2. And yes, you could
easily get 60+ Hz with monitors in those days. I believe I had mine at

Anyway, I can easily benchmark my UT and will be giving it a try with
this option on and off.

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