[ut2004] Patch 3339, game startup slower (it seems)

DaKeeper dakeeper at tma-clan.de
Thu Nov 25 23:44:47 EST 2004


I`ve noticed this too. The Mapchanges are very slow now, the server
takes more time at the line "Collecting Garbage".

i`m running a 16 Slot ONS Server @ Linux Fedora Core 2 64Bit, AMD64-3000

Am Fr, den 26.11.2004 schrieb Tom Emerson um 2:34:
> After loading the latest patch, I've noticed that the initial start-up time 
> has increased dramatically.  Not the startup for the game, but rather at the 
> point where the generic backround/image shows up with a random tip and the 
> name of the map.  (i.e., immediately after the "connecting..." screen)
> Previously, this would show for *at most* 5 seconds, now it seems to be there 
> for *at least* 6 seconds, and as long as 10-15 -- long enough that when I 
> actually "materialize" on the playfield, most if not all of the other players 
> are seen already leaving the spawn area.  I'm curious as to whether this is 
> an aspect of the patch itself (does it affect windows users the same way?) or 
> something specific to linux and/or 64-bit systems?

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