Patch 3339, game startup slower (it seems)

Tom Emerson osnut at
Thu Nov 25 21:34:06 EST 2004

After loading the latest patch, I've noticed that the initial start-up time 
has increased dramatically.  Not the startup for the game, but rather at the 
point where the generic backround/image shows up with a random tip and the 
name of the map.  (i.e., immediately after the "connecting..." screen)

Previously, this would show for *at most* 5 seconds, now it seems to be there 
for *at least* 6 seconds, and as long as 10-15 -- long enough that when I 
actually "materialize" on the playfield, most if not all of the other players 
are seen already leaving the spawn area.  I'm curious as to whether this is 
an aspect of the patch itself (does it affect windows users the same way?) or 
something specific to linux and/or 64-bit systems?

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