[OT] Please do NOT start new subjects with a Reply!

Thomas Otto 3.1415926535897932384626433832 at gmx.net
Sat Nov 27 14:45:47 EST 2004


Seeing how e.g. the thread "Patch 3339 Out" became somewhat overlong and 
parted into several subthreads, some totally unrelated to the parent, I 
just wanted to remind you that when you want to start a new subject you 
shouldn't just hit "Reply" to a randomly selected message and change the 
topic since the 'In-Reply-To:' and 'References:' headers will remain and 
the "new" message will show up as a reply to this orignally selected one 
in the threaded view (usually used for mailinglists) which decent 
emailreaders support.

So for new topics please compose a new message to increase the 
readibility of this list, even though that involes manually typing the 
listaddress/getting it out of the addressbook.


     -Thomas, nitpicking

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