[ut2004] ESD running during game?

Xipher xipher at xipher.us
Thu May 6 22:07:11 EDT 2004

Well, I dont use gnome, but I personally, I just took away the execute 
ability from the esd binary.

Rick B wrote:
> Xipher wrote:
>> Nope, UT2004 doesn't use it at all, what Window manager are you using 
>> though, as it might be calling it. I know gnome uses it often times.
>> Rick B wrote:
>>>     Anybody know if the "enlightenment sound daemon" should be 
>>> running during ut2004? It isn't normally running on my box, just 
>>> during and after playing the game it hangs around. Sound seems to 
>>> work fine though.
>>>                TIA
>>>                   Rick B
>    Yeah, that the WM I'm using. I'm wondering if I need esd for anything 
> since I use ALSA? If not I'd like to remove it. Is there anyway to make 
> it not start during the game? It's just one more thing I don't need 
> running. By the way, how do you start ut2004 without a window manager? 
> I've read about that before but don't know how.
>                TIA
>                   Rick B

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