[ut2004] missing eyecandy with openGL?

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Fri Mar 26 23:02:18 EST 2004

Quoting Alex Malinovich <demonbane at the-love-shack.net>:

> On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 08:11, Tony Jones wrote:
> > So, um, is this actually going to be added in a patch in the future or
> > is UT2004 linux just doomed to be a step behind?
> > 
> > Suddenly id looks that much better for coding opengl start to finish :-)
> > 
> > Tony Jones
> > "Sir-Tez"
> I've always been amazed by the engines that id has put out over the
> years. From what I hear John Carmack is every bit as brilliant as all
> the hype makes him out to be, so it's probably well deserved.
> Unfortunately, I just never found most of id's games to be quite as fun
> as UT. (Though games based on id engines, like Return to Castle
> Wolfenstein, are incredible.)
> -- 

Return to Castle Wolfenstein looked pretty cool, I still haven't bought it yet
though.  In my opinion, Unreal (the original) was the most beautiful game,
expecially at the time.  I think they even had a patch to do dynmic shadowing
using stencil buffers.  I quit playing unreal after they did the patch that
changed all the sounds for the weapons and changed the gameplay, and wish I
could still play the original version, but under linux instead.

When Unreal 2 came out, I was sooo sad to see that there was no linux or mac
client.  I had waited for that game since I beat Unreal.... and haven't been
able to play it yet.  Maybe I'll try it in wine sometime....

To bring this email on topic, I have a question:
Is it possible to set the cd key in the client?  I noticed that the installer
asks for the CD when you install it, but it would be rather nice if the users
can put it in themselves, since sometimes I have friends over, and they can't
use my key since I only have one, and they can't put their key in since it's
done in the installer.  Tribes 2 had a nice feature where you made an acount
with a password so you could use your cd key from anyone's computer.
Also, is there going to be any more DVD version released?  I heard you could
only get it if you preordered.  One of my friends has been waiting to get the
DVD version since he needs a headset and figured he might as well get one for
free with ut2004 :)

PS: I just got done playing ut2004 at an awesome LAN party, and this game rocks!
 It was a lot more fun in a big LAN than just playing with me and my roommate
:)  I need to find some more LAN parties with this game...


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