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Fri Mar 12 14:06:08 EST 2004

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A note in case others complain of this problem.  I noticed also that this 
phenomenon occasionally happened when I played "single player" multiplayer 

So it wasnt a network issue.

I opened up my case and discovered that the fan on my geForce 4 wasnt 
spinning.  I gave it a tap and now the game runs perfectly... no studders, no 
disconnections.  It simply seems to have been a cooling issue with the video 

On Friday 12 March 2004 02:09 pm, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> >>sometimes things APPEAR to go back to normal but I
> >>cannot fire my gun nor interact with the environment (and everyone keeps
> >>running in the same direction... walls be damned)... it seems in these
> >> cases that I simply loose my connection to the server altogether but I
> >> receive no error message.
> >
> >You can move around the map when the server has stopped sending you
> >packets, due to client-side prediction, but the server has to approve
> >you firing your gun, which is why you'll see the gun fire on your side
> >but no rocket launch, etc. If the server were to start responding again,
> >you'd warp back to your old position regardless of where you moved in
> >the meantime.
> >
> >UDP sockets don't have a concept of "dropping connections"...there's
> >just the absence of new packets for X amount of time, and Unreal is
> >fairly liberal about waiting around for new data to arrive. If no data
> >shows up for long enough, eventually you'll get booted from the game
> >with an error message on your screen.
> >
> >Likely the problem is upstream of you. I'd talk to your ISP if you keep
> >having trouble.
> >
> >--ryan.
> Basically this is the contrary of TCP where TCP asks for confirmation up
> on delivery of the packtes, right? While UDP don't request such
> confirmation.
> Regards.

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