[ut2004] DVD special edition

Ken Cantwell kencantwell at comcast.net
Thu Mar 11 02:47:21 EST 2004

Is there a "dedicated linux-games-retailer" other than
Tux Games (http://www.tuxgames.com/)?

And why isn't Tux Games promoting ut2004 at all?
If it didn't show up on their "Current Top Sellers"
list (at #1) you wouldn't know they had it at all.
Is there something political going on?  They generally
hype even the most obscure linux games upon release.

I purchased from them even though it's costing me
US$5 extra because it's the Right Thing To Do.
(The difference being that some vendors offer free
shipping.)  But you've got to wonder what's up.

nom de guerre: HunkaHunkaBurninLove

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