[ut2004] Trying to track down a performance bottleneck

Ian Hastie ianh at iahastie.clara.net
Wed Jun 9 20:28:55 EDT 2004

On Thursday 10 Jun 2004 00:34, Luke Bigum wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 03:20, Ian Hastie wrote:
> >
> > For the 2.6 kernels you need to use the amd64_agp.ko kernel module or
> > have it compiled in.  The motherboard chipset on AMD64 bit systems only
> > acts as a tunnel between the GART, on the CPU, and the physical AGP bus
> > itself. Then you need to tell the NVIDIA driver to use it rather than
> > NvAGP which it does by default.  To do that you need to have the
> > following line in your X config file Device section for your graphics
> > card.
> >
> > Option     "NvAGP"             "3"
> >
> > This specific setting will try AGPGART and fall through to NvAGP if it
> > needs to.
> got that I think:
> # CONFIG_AGP_ALI is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_ATI is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_AMD is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_INTEL is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_INTEL_MCH is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_NVIDIA is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_SIS is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_SWORKS is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_VIA is not set
> # CONFIG_AGP_EFFICEON is not set
> # CONFIG_DRM is not set
> # CONFIG_MWAVE is not set
> # CONFIG_RAW_DRIVER is not set

That certainly should do it.  Personally I prefer making as much as possible 
into module, but that's just the way I like to do it.  Building in shouldn't 
cause any problems.

> I also got /proc to say my AGP was working:
> Status:          Enabled
> Driver:          AGPGART
> AGP Rate:        8x
> Fast Writes:     Enabled
> SBA:             Enabled

That looks very good too.  Something I should have remembered is that NVIDIA's 
AGP doesn't support AMD64 yet.  So if you want AGP at the moment it's going 
to be AGPGART or nothing.

> However I went to run glxgears as a test and got a horrid 600 fps,

That's bad alright.

> where before I was getting a few thousand fps. Haven't gotten around to  
> testing UT2004 yet. I'm going to try turn off the nVidia kernel options i
> set to see if that makes a difference.

Nothing else hogging the CPU?  No other system intensive tasks?  My 
modprobe.conf has the line

options nvidia NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=1 NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1

and it doesn't seem to be causing me any speed problems.  I get about 6350 fps 
on glxgears.  That's an Athlon 3200+ with a GeForce FX 5900 running in 64 bit 
mode.  I'll probably find that's slow too now. *8)


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