[ut2004] More slow new maps

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Wed Jul 28 23:57:32 EDT 2004

>        A while back I posted a question about the much slower than usual 
> performance I expierienced while playing the new map Valarna. Now I've 
> been playing more new maps with the same problem, a much slower than 
> usual fps performance. Does anybody know why this is happening? I have 
> noticed a number of new files showing up in my ~/.ut2004/System with the 
> filetype being ".ucl" and ~/.ut2004/Cache with the ".uxx" filetype, 
> could these be going to the wrong folder and causing this slowdown? 
> Should I move them to somewhere in the /usr/local/games/ut2004 directory?

Could these be poorly-optimized maps that could benefit from more VAR?

Look for "VARSize" in your .ini and up it from 32 to 64, see if it


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