[ut2004] UT2004 - Boot up problems

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Wed Apr 14 15:14:28 EDT 2004

Peter Wright wrote:

> I asked on IRC how to do it, got told to edit the initab file. So i have
> managed to update my nvidia driver files no problem. UT2004 works fine
> :) i had to increase the partition size of my linux boot tho because
> ut2004 crashed. And i've seen them enough times in the past to know it
> was probably a hdd issue. ITs been running perfectly since.

Excellent. Editting your inittab will do the trick too. The "init x" way 
will allow you to do it without rebooting. I've been using Linux for 
some time now, but for whatever reason, I just found that out. Anything 
that enables me to avoid rebooting makes me happy.

> Another
> problem i now have though is, my monitor's brightness control is broken
> i believe, so in windows i boost the Gamma to bypass this. but i havent
> found a way to do this in Red Hat yet. UT2004 is fine cause it has built
> in Gamma correction, but UT doesnt, so its very dark! :( is there an OGL
> update that can correct this? or a way to boost my Gamma in Red Hat?

Yep! Try this in a console:

xgamma -g 2

The higher the number, the brighter it is. To reset it, use xgamma -g 1


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