[ut2004] Is there any way to lower UT's priority when doing offline tasks?

J. Ryan Earl heretic at clanhk.org
Tue Apr 6 21:03:22 EDT 2004

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

>>Like changing maps?  When UT changes maps, it eats all the CPU it can.  
>>Is there anyway that we can lower ucc-bin's priority (ie nice it) while 
>>it load maps and reset its priority when it's done loading?  This would 
>>help tremendously with multiple instances of a dedicated server running 
>>on the same physical server.
>We've tossed around this idea, but haven't implemented anything. Unless
>you run the process as root, you can't raise your priority once you
>lower it.
Damnit, I didn't think about that.  Time to whore the LKML, maybe 
there's an easy way.  When you nice a thread/LWP, it lowers the priority 
of the parent process too?

As it is, I run UT with a priority of -1, and my other real-time stuff 
gets a -2.  This prevents the other processes from lagging, but 
performance does not gradually degrade under load between different 
processes; UT takes the sole hit.  The other processes will all maintain 
a response time of like 10ms, while UT goes up to 100ms server response 
time; this isn't considering network latency (ie add 10-50ms for most 
broadband users).

No other dedicated game servers we've put up have quite eaten as much 
CPU on map changes.  This has never been a problem before because it 
never took more than a small fraction of a second to load a new map on 
my hardware; literally like .2 seconds last time I timed it.  Oh well, 
I'm going with the time honored tradition of throwing more hardware at a 
problem that a proper software solution.  I'm about to move this onto an 
Athlon64 3400+ and see how that fairs with the bigger caches and beefy 
TLBs.  Pentium4s SUCK under load.

As an added note, I can't seem to get the server latency on UT much 
below 20ms.  Even though it uses equal or less CPU time per client 
connection as processes that respond in 3-10ms.  I'm guessing UT uses 
bigger packets?

>We could throw some sleep() calls in there, perhaps, but that just
>increases level load time, which pisses off your gamers, too.
I think it's a shitty design for any dedicated-server to drop any 
packets when loading resources personally; ie exactly like they all 
freakin' do currently!  I would call that a design error, though I can 
understand it simplifies things quite a bit.  Ideally, client and server 
would each have a keep alive thread to maintain sync and still let 
players communicate with each other.  Yea yea, I know, thread/data 
syncronization can be a bitch. 

I'm really glad you use two dashes, 'cause I've never used more than one. =P


PS This is the best non-"id software" Linux  game server I've dealt 
with.  The Battlefield source code must have made you wretch, and don't 
get me started on Steam and Linux.

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