[ut2004] Is there any way to lower UT's priority when doing offline tasks?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun Apr 4 01:25:58 EST 2004

> Like changing maps?  When UT changes maps, it eats all the CPU it can.  
> Is there anyway that we can lower ucc-bin's priority (ie nice it) while 
> it load maps and reset its priority when it's done loading?  This would 
> help tremendously with multiple instances of a dedicated server running 
> on the same physical server.

We've tossed around this idea, but haven't implemented anything. Unless
you run the process as root, you can't raise your priority once you
lower it.

We could throw some sleep() calls in there, perhaps, but that just
increases level load time, which pisses off your gamers, too.


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