trouble getting UT2003 installed for linux

Shawn shelbydz87 at
Fri Feb 27 02:09:48 EST 2004

Hey all. I have UT that I'm trying to get installed on
my mandrake 9.2 box. I have my Nvidia card working
like it should. I'd been having problems with the CDs
during the install. 

I copied the linux install file to /home, ran it from
there. At first, I'd get the licensing screen, hit
okay and it get me to the next screen. I'd start the
install. It'd do a few things, but then when it asked
for the play disk, I put in disk #1, then hit yes,
but, that prompt wouldn't go away. 

I tried turning off the supermount, but now when I run
the install, the licensing screen doesn't come up at
all,  but the next on is there. If I hit the install
button, it says "please respond to the licensing
screen". So I have to kill the process. 

any ideas??

thanks. . .shawn

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