[ut2003io] trouble getting UT2003 installed for linux

Raul Dias raul at dias.com.br
Fri Feb 27 09:32:51 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 04:09, Shawn wrote:
> Hey all. I have UT that I'm trying to get installed on
> my mandrake 9.2 box. I have my Nvidia card working
> like it should. I'd been having problems with the CDs
> during the install. 

I had some problems installing it to to mdk 9.2.
I had to umount the cd with supermount and mount it manually (without
supermount) at every cd change.

I also had problems with the loki updater.  I had to remove the ~/.loki
dir and reinstall the game to get it working again.

It is also good to notice that if you mistype your cdkey you will only
notice that after installing it, and you will have to reinstall again.

Raul Dias

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