[ut2003io] HL2 (Was Re: [ut2003io] Microsoft = Epic's new publisher?)

john g-lists at cloned.org.uk
Sat Sep 20 11:28:19 EDT 2003

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Jonathan \Chaser\ Bale wrote:

> Steam is simply a "download" application.  They have never even made the
> pretence of supporting the client portion of their engines under non-windows
> operating systems - although I expect Transgaming will have a go.
> The Linux server binary for HL/HL2 are completely independent of Steam
> itself - they operates in the same manner as standard dedicated server
> binaries.

Hm, partly true. The linux based servers for the latest update were
distributed effectively a steam binary to update the servers. Each
physical box requires a steam account (if you're going to update each
server individually) and there have been many a problems with this. You
can of course just ignore the steam binary, run it on one 'master'
distrib, and then propergate this around the rest of the servers for
changes. The problem with this is the frequency of updates. I'm as yet
unsure of if they have done updates, (i've got hte servers set to auto for
ease of use atm). and if they become frequent, a master copy +
redistribution might be a lot of work without a lot of automation :)


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