[ut2003io] HL2 (Was Re: [ut2003io] Microsoft = Epic's new publisher?)

Andrew Pilley ashridah at icculus.org
Sat Sep 20 21:43:11 EDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 01:28, john wrote:
> ... and if they become frequent, a master copy +
> redistribution might be a lot of work without a lot of automation :)

I'm not sure that 'rsync' counts as a lot of automation, although you
would have to be fairly careful to make sure it notifies you of updates
if you run it via cron (email you the results of the rsync will do,
although it'll probably create one even if the run doesn't notice any

you'd also need to specify files that aren't to be updated (server
configs, logs, etc), but that's similarly fairly easy to do

works over SSH too, for the paranoid.


> john
I hereby pose this question for analysis. 
Are Microsoft users smarter than hamsters?
*Bluescreen* Reboot *Bluescreen* Reboot *Bluescreen* Reboot
Hamsters 1, Users 0.

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