[ut2003io] HL2 (Was Re: [ut2003io] Microsoft = Epic's new publisher?)

Jonathan "Chaser" Bale chaser at game2xs.com
Thu Sep 18 07:35:49 EDT 2003

Steam is simply a "download" application.  They have never even made the
pretence of supporting the client portion of their engines under non-windows
operating systems - although I expect Transgaming will have a go.

The Linux server binary for HL/HL2 are completely independent of Steam
itself - they operates in the same manner as standard dedicated server


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--> > Sorta like "Linux Gaming"
--> Speaking of which, what's this group's take on the recent announcement
--> that Linux devotees would be still be "allowed" to run HL2 servers, but
--> that there will still be no client for the platform? Frankly, I'm not
--> buying the game because of the whole Steam issue, but I'm interested in
--> what other people's opinions are on Valve's positioning with their new
--> product.

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