[ut2003io] Microsoft = Epic's new publisher?

Dana Olson dana at mandrakeusers.org
Wed Sep 17 14:11:59 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 10:40, Andrew Pilley wrote:
> Notably, they often only mean 'xbox exclusive', which is to say, it's
> NOT getting released on ps2/gamecube. It's probably fairly safe to say
> that that includes this deal, just like the cry-fest over the idea of
> doom3 being 'xbox-exclusive' where many PC users assumed that meant no
> PC support at all (which is highly unlikely, given iD's typical revenue
> stream more or less depends on it.)

I'd be silly to even attempt to put Doom 3 on any other console at this
point in time... What could have the power to run it? I'm amazed that
the Xbox is actualyl going to get it... So it almost had to be

One of the guys from BioWare told us on IRC that they couldn't port
Knights of the Old Republic to Linux because of licensing terms with
Microsoft. I know most people just write off anything about BioWare
because "OMG OMG THEY TOOK FOREVAR!" but I think it's still a relevant

Until Epic says anything official, no one really knows what will happen
in the future. I never thought we were getting any more Linux ports from
them for sure, so I'm not upset over the "news", but I hope that there
is still a possibility. That's all Linux users really have, is hope for

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