[ut2003io] Microsoft = Epic's new publisher?

Andrew Pilley ashridah at icculus.org
Wed Sep 17 10:40:49 EDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 00:06, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> [Apoc]Death wrote:
> >     JUAN-LES-PINS, France, 16th September 2003 Tonight at X03, Microsoft
> > announced a partnership with Epic Games, developers of the legendary
> > Unreal series of games and the Unreal Engine. Epic Games and its
> > recently-formed Scion Studios will develop several new games exclusively
> > for Xbox and Windows. The to-be-announced products will be published by
> > Microsoft Game Studios. "
> > 
> > I'll just sit here and pray...  The rest of you linux UT playin folks
> > should too, IMO...
> I guess it all depends on how they define "new games." The press release 
> is awfully short on details. Of course, if you stretch this to the 
> extreme, that would also preclude any Linux dedicated servers which 
> would not be in the UT200x series' best interest.

ditching linux as a dedicated server is not in anyone's best interest,
save microsoft. many, MANY servers are typically provided by linux
and/or bsd.

> Hearing the words "Microsoft" and "exclusively" in the same sentence is 
> always scary :)

Notably, they often only mean 'xbox exclusive', which is to say, it's
NOT getting released on ps2/gamecube. It's probably fairly safe to say
that that includes this deal, just like the cry-fest over the idea of
doom3 being 'xbox-exclusive' where many PC users assumed that meant no
PC support at all (which is highly unlikely, given iD's typical revenue
stream more or less depends on it.)


> Matt
I hereby pose this question for analysis. 
Are Microsoft users smarter than hamsters?
*Bluescreen* Reboot *Bluescreen* Reboot *Bluescreen* Reboot
Hamsters 1, Users 0.

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