[ut2003io] Installing on Debian unstable

mario slice at online.no
Tue Oct 14 07:58:46 EDT 2003

Try upgrading alsa, I had huge problems with earlier version, but the
latest works just great

On 10/14/2003, "abower at thebowery.co.uk" <abower at thebowery.co.uk> wrote:

>On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 09:40:41AM +1000, Andrew Pilley wrote:
>> you could probably do the same with a debian stable install as well.
>> just get enough to get X11 running, install ut2003, then copy the game
>> directory over. keep in mind the autoupdater might not be particularly
>> happy after that tho, since you'll be missing stuff from ~/.loki/ (as
>> the user who installed ut2003) but if you recreate the
>> ~/.loki/installed/ut2003.xml symlink to
>> /usr/local/games/ut2003/.manifest/ut2003.xml that should do the trick.
>Ok, what I did was....
>Installed Debian stable into a vmware virtual machine, installed the game as
>normal (and updated it) then nfs mounted /usr/local/games/ut2003 onto the
>local machine and copied everything across into /usr/local/games/ut2003 I also
>then copied across the .loki from the virtual machine and everything appears
>(so far) to be working great :) I even think the 2 bonus pack installed ok
>(despite giving an odd error message at the end of the install).
>Of course now i have a new problem in that the sound doesn't work, It is
>very quiet and appears to have crackles in it but I can't really tell.
>I am of course running Alsa 0.9.6, on a 2.4.22 series kernel, I havn't had time
>to check *everything* yet, but it doesn't appear to be anything obvious like
>having the mixer volume turned down :)
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