[ut2003io] Linux Performance

tk Voice tkVoice at netscape.net
Fri May 30 18:31:35 EDT 2003

You are correct (of coarse you are you wrote it)

I see the big difference between AUDIO MODE from "Software 3D" to 
"Hardware 3D"  during game play. (when the audio is being used)

by using "stat fps" in the console I can see the difference and even without the fps numbers flying by I can feel the difference. Software 3D is definitely faster under linux for me. It gives me a good 15-20 more fps. 

Linux v2.4.20 custom kernel on Slackware v8.?

ryan at epicgames.com wrote:

>> Even stranger change your AUDIO MODE from "Software 3D" to "Hardware 
>> 3D" and you will notice a big difference too.
> The "flyby" benchmarks have "-nosound" by default, which means 
> openal.so isn't even loaded. The "botmatch" ones have audio, however.
> Software vs hardware audio shouldn't make a different on Linux, but 
> I've been told that software is actually faster on windows. YMMV, of 
> course.
> Botmatches are only relevant against other runs on the same build on 
> the same platform using the same random number seed. I think that's 
> accurate, but I always screw this information up. No doubt vogel will 
> be swooping in shortly to correct me, though.  :)
> --ryan.

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