UT2003 with ATI 9700 in Red Hat 9

Deaths_Ride deathsride at kmts.ca
Tue May 20 20:21:50 EDT 2003

A fellow by the name of "Bob" wrote me and asked me how I got the ATI to run on my Red Hat 9 box, well unfortunately "Bob", you put your return mail address as "Bob"...so i cant return to you personally, so i will post the msg here:
P.S. Let me know if it was a fluke or this works for you,

Actually the icculus UT list helped out on the sound issue, what I did was swap the sound driver (openal.so) from the 2199 patch (the one that worked)and replaced it with the one that came in with the new patch (if this is confusing, sorry am an ISP tech and am on the phone with a customer:))

Ok regarding the ATI driver.  This is by fluke I got it working, but I can spew out what I did:
If you are running Red Hat 9 with the new Glibc and Xfree 4.3 go to this site:


Grab the file that says:

it will unzip to a *.rpm, do rpm -Uvh <file_name> --force (the --force is what licked it), and hopefully when u restart X it will work...of course try at your own risk.

P.S. when u do the *.rpm, the general X config will start up, just think through your answers and u should be fine. Ohhh, might be a good idea to be out of X all together.
Take care,

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Subject: ATI Radeon 9700 Linux

> >Hi all,
> >Well I am especially proud of the fact that today I got UT running on Linux
> >with my ATI 9700:)
> >UT runs great, good speeds etc..., but there is one drawback, when I
> >upgraded to the latest Linux patch, the sound dissappeared:(...anyone come
> >across this, or have a possible fix...all my other apps work fine with
> >sound...Quake 3 as well.  Any help with this would be appreciated
> Lo m8. congrats with getting ur radeon 9700 working under Linux redhat 9.0...
> Im trying aswell but cant get it to work fs...
> u got any tips for me?
> As for ur sound. Check if /dev/dsp (ur soundcard) isnt busy. ut might not 
> release it well...

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