[ut2003io] Sound in Red Hat 9

Vicki mcsegal at mchsi.com
Sat May 17 22:53:03 EDT 2003

Take the openal.so file from the 2199 patch and replace it with the one in
your /ut2003/system directory. That should do it.

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Subject: [ut2003io] Sound in Red Hat 9
Hi all,
> Well I am especially proud of the fact that today I got UT running on
> with my ATI 9700:)
> UT runs great, good speeds etc..., but there is one drawback, when I
> upgraded to the latest Linux patch, the sound dissappeared:(...anyone come
> across this, or have a possible fix...all my other apps work fine with
> sound...Quake 3 as well.  Any help with this would be appreciated

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