Epic BP problem

yem at y3m.net yem at y3m.net
Mon Mar 17 17:21:58 EST 2003

Hi all.

I've installed the pack a few times by following the instructions
at http://www.unrealtower.org/cgi-bin/fom/fom?file=80 and using the
bonuspack_install.sh script.

Each time, it appears to work (new maps and gametypes are selectable),
however the game doesn't respond to mouse or keyboard input during
the opening (nvidia, credits) sequence. The menu system works fine.
I can select options, chose a game, etc. Once in a game (instant),
the game doesn't respond to mouse or keyboard input. The only keys
that work are space/jump and F10/menu. This is after binding keys
and mouse buttons.

Install from CDs
Patch up to 2199 using .bin files
rm -rf ~/.ut2003
Extract DE map pack to /usr/local/games/ut2003
Install Epic bonus pack

Any ideas?


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