[ut2003io] Epic BP problem

mario slice at online.no
Mon Mar 17 18:29:51 EST 2003

I had exactly the same problem. All I did was press the reset key on the
key bindings page. Then everything worked.

-- mario

On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 23:21, yem at y3m.net wrote:
> Hi all.
> I've installed the pack a few times by following the instructions
> at http://www.unrealtower.org/cgi-bin/fom/fom?file=80 and using the
> bonuspack_install.sh script.
> Each time, it appears to work (new maps and gametypes are selectable),
> however the game doesn't respond to mouse or keyboard input during
> the opening (nvidia, credits) sequence. The menu system works fine.
> I can select options, chose a game, etc. Once in a game (instant),
> the game doesn't respond to mouse or keyboard input. The only keys
> that work are space/jump and F10/menu. This is after binding keys
> and mouse buttons.
> Steps:
> Install from CDs
> Patch up to 2199 using .bin files
> rm -rf ~/.ut2003
> Extract DE map pack to /usr/local/games/ut2003
> Install Epic bonus pack
> *cry*
> Any ideas?
> Zach.

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