[ut2003io] ut2003demo 2226: mouse/keyb issue and can't benchmark

Andrew Pilley ashridah at icculus.org
Mon Jun 23 05:47:25 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 07:06, Dexter Filmore wrote:
> System setup: AMD AthlonXP with Slackware 9.0, glibc 2.3.1, custom 2.4.20 with
> ATI fglrx 2.9.12 module driving a Radeon 9700 in XFree86 4.3, ut2003 demo
> build 2226. Game engine itself works just fine, but three issues:
> 1. Mouse. no matter how I set up the mouse for in-game, at a flick of the
> wrist acceleration kicks in so bad that I can't tell what direction the
> character will be facing the next moment. Even if I crank up accel threshold
> to 100, sensitivity is at 7.50. Tried lower values, too, but seems to be an
> accel issue, not sensitivity. What can I do here?

hmm. it COULD be settings inside XFree86 itself. if your desktop
environment/window manager has settings to adjust them, check, you might
need to turn acceleration off completely. 
if you just want to temporarily turn it off, you can use xset to change
it, then restore it to what it was before (just run 'xset' in an
xterminal window, and you'll see how you can do that).

This may do the trick.

> 2. keyboard: am from germany, got a german keyboard. I like having primary
> fire on AltGr, the key right next to space which is just Alt on english
> keyboards where AltGr doesn't exist at all afaik. when pressing AltGr in keyb
> setup, it reads "None", key won't respond in game. I've experienced similar
> behaviour in other games, too - looks like developers are unaware of this
> special situation with german keys.
> Is there something I can do about that? Maybe even in general?

Fraid i can't help here, sorry.

> 3. when I go to the Benchmark dir and try to launch any of the shell scripts,
> I get:
> ../System/ut2003-bin: error while loading shared libraries: Engine.so: cannot
> open shared object file: No such file or directory
> The demo itself works fine, the benchmarks don't.

have you got the most recent version of the demo? it sounds to me like
the script that the botmatch script runs is broken (if it is a script at
all, it should be). normally, it runs ../ut2003, which is a script which
finds the data files, and then runs the ut2003-bin binary. take a look
at what it's really doing, and see if it's adjusting LD_LIBRARY_PATH
properly, or setting the UT2003_DATA_PATH environment variable

HTH ashridah.

> Greetings,
> Dex
Andrew Pilley <ashridah at icculus.org>

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