[ut2003io] ut2003demo 2226: mouse/keyb issue and can't benchmark

Dexter Filmore Dexter.Filmore at gmx.de
Mon Jun 23 09:40:22 EDT 2003

> hmm. it COULD be settings inside XFree86 itself. if your desktop
> environment/window manager has settings to adjust them, check, you might
> need to turn acceleration off completely. 
> if you just want to temporarily turn it off, you can use xset to change
> it, then restore it to what it was before (just run 'xset' in an
> xterminal window, and you'll see how you can do that).
> This may do the trick.

Gonna try this. I'll post if it works.

> > 
> have you got the most recent version of the demo? it sounds to me like
> the script that the botmatch script runs is broken (if it is a script at
> all, it should be). normally, it runs ../ut2003, which is a script which
> finds the data files, and then runs the ut2003-bin binary. take a look
> at what it's really doing, and see if it's adjusting LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> properly, or setting the UT2003_DATA_PATH environment variable
> correctly.

version is latest available, should be 2226, benchmark scripts look like this

shodan:~/ut2003_demo/Benchmark$ cat flyby-antalus.sh
../System/ut2003-bin dm-antalus?game=engine.gameinfo
exec=../Benchmark/Stuff/flybyexec.txt -benchmark -seconds=77 -nosound $1


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