[ut2003io] Editor

David van Hoose davidvh at cox.net
Thu Jan 16 19:03:02 EST 2003

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>> It isn't that hard. You already know what the system is supposed to 
>> do, and since the system is using SDL (which is ported already) a lot 
>> of the system is pre-done. I guess all that UT has left is a couple 
>> thousand lines of MFC->POSIX translation.
> The editor doesn't use SDL, and OpenGLDrv (even on Windows) is missing 
> functionality needed for UnrealEd.
> MFC->POSIX is totally meaningless. POSIX doesn't specify any GUI 
> widgets, which is more or less the important part of MFC.
> A MFC to (say...) wxWindows rewrite might be more reasonable, but is 
> also non-trivial.

You don't port GUI.. You re-write it. Use Qt designer. It is extremely 
simple and can be used in conjunction with Kdevelop to make pure Qt apps 
that are multi-platform. You can port the GUI independent code using 
POSIX or usvice's non-GUI funcionality which encapsulates POSIX.


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