[ut2003io] Editor

Matt Thrailkill xwred1 at xwredwing.net
Thu Jan 16 18:42:57 EST 2003

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 18:47:12 -0500
"Ryan C. Gordon" <ryan at epicgames.com> wrote:

> The editor doesn't use SDL, and OpenGLDrv (even on Windows) is missing 
> functionality needed for UnrealEd.
> MFC->POSIX is totally meaningless. POSIX doesn't specify any GUI 
> widgets, which is more or less the important part of MFC.
> A MFC to (say...) wxWindows rewrite might be more reasonable, but is 
> also non-trivial.
> --ryan.

Not to mention it might be a little difficult if Epic didn't give you the source for UnrealEd and/or your contract/whatever doesn't cover it.  But I wouldn't know the details of that.

IMHO, Tribes2 had the best editor.  Right there, in game.  Especially nice to play god when hosting lan games :)

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