[ut2003servers] UT Secure 2.04

Carhart, Jim jcarhart at va.rr.com
Fri Jan 10 16:11:04 EST 2003

I am also seeing this all the time since UTSecure204 install:

[INSECURE CLIENT] Set Hack Detected [ Illegal Pickup (DM-EternalDeath.ShieldPack) Drawscale ]

clan members are complaining (they should know better). I have received multiple claims that people are not "cheating" and are being kicked incorrectly.

Though I can't speak for their honesty, I can say that my TDM Server has gone from fully loaded 12/12 to barely loaded 1/12 since I have applied UTSecure 2.04.

Any chance this is not a correct Set Hack Detection?

- Jim Carhart Linux Dedicated 2166b (KickIdlersV1c,UTSecure204)

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I've seen this message:

[INSECURE CLIENT] Set Hack Detected [ Illegal Pickup (BR-Bifrost.ShieldPack) Drawscale ]

In my logs quite a bit. What exactly is a "Set Hack" and where should I tell people to go to fix this if they ask?


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