[ut2003io] RE: [ut2003servers] UT Secure 2.04

Jeff Woods klaatu at fnordco.com
Sat Jan 11 05:30:55 EST 2003

On Friday 10 January 2003 01:11 pm, Carhart, Jim wrote:
> I am also seeing this all the time since UTSecure204 install:
> [INSECURE CLIENT] Set Hack Detected [ Illegal Pickup
> (DM-EternalDeath.ShieldPack) Drawscale ]
> clan members are complaining (they should know better). I have received
> multiple claims that people are not "cheating" and are being kicked
> incorrectly.
> Though I can't speak for their honesty, I can say that my TDM Server has
> gone from fully loaded 12/12 to barely loaded 1/12 since I have applied
> UTSecure 2.04.
> Any chance this is not a correct Set Hack Detection?
> - Jim Carhart
> Linux Dedicated 2166b (KickIdlersV1c,UTSecure204)
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> Hello,
> I've seen this message:
> [INSECURE CLIENT] Set Hack Detected [ Illegal Pickup
> (BR-Bifrost.ShieldPack) Drawscale ]
> In my logs quite a bit. What exactly is a "Set Hack" and where should I
> tell people to go to fix this if they ask?
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You can use the "set" command in the console to change various
settings in the game, and some of those have been deemed cheats.

The "Drawscale" setting refers to the size of objects. I have seen a
cheat config in circulation that sets the Z-axis scale of the shield
pickup to a huge number, making the shieldpack appear to be about 50
feet tall, so that you can tell if it has spawned from all the way
across the map.

It's possible that UTSecure is flagging players for this now. Good.

Of course, it's also possible that UTSecure is erroneously flagging
players. Bad.

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