[ut2003io] matches take forever to start

Leith leith at qasr.mine.nu
Sun Feb 2 19:10:35 EST 2003

hdparm -t /dev/hda.

If it is <10mb/sec, then you need to tune your hdd. try -d1 first (DMA on)
man hdparm for more info.


On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, floam wrote:

> I have what I would call a pretty okay system:
> Athlon XP 2100 oc'd to 2200
> Geforce4 Ti4200 @ 300/500 mhz
> 256MB Corsiar pc2700 cas2 memory
> Gentoo Linux 1.4RC2 latest everything (gcc 3.2.2, glibc 2.3.1, xfree
> 4.2.99-4)
> Matches take forever before they even start, just sitting there for over
> a minute at loading screen with the harddrive going crazy. Then after it
> starts, and it says press fire to start or what ever, everything is nice
> and smooth.  Hit fire and then everything gets VERY laggy (2-10
> frames/ps) and  sound extreamly choppy, the match starts, and the frames
> continue like that for about a minute with the hd going crazy for about
> 45 seconds, when it finally goes up to nice 40fps-ish and the rest of
> the match is fine.
> my ut2k3 settings are: everything at highest, 32bpp, 1280x960.
>   I'm thinking its my memory, should I go and get another 256 stick?

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