matches take forever to start

floam floam at
Sun Feb 2 19:05:28 EST 2003

I have what I would call a pretty okay system:
Athlon XP 2100 oc'd to 2200
Geforce4 Ti4200 @ 300/500 mhz
256MB Corsiar pc2700 cas2 memory
Gentoo Linux 1.4RC2 latest everything (gcc 3.2.2, glibc 2.3.1, xfree 

Matches take forever before they even start, just sitting there for over 
a minute at loading screen with the harddrive going crazy. Then after it 
starts, and it says press fire to start or what ever, everything is nice 
and smooth.  Hit fire and then everything gets VERY laggy (2-10 
frames/ps) and  sound extreamly choppy, the match starts, and the frames 
continue like that for about a minute with the hd going crazy for about 
45 seconds, when it finally goes up to nice 40fps-ish and the rest of 
the match is fine.

my ut2k3 settings are: everything at highest, 32bpp, 1280x960.

  I'm thinking its my memory, should I go and get another 256 stick?

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