[ut2003io] radeon 9700

Jorge Pardo yemeral at terra.es
Sun Feb 2 08:09:50 EST 2003

I didn't tried it, but I think that Linux ATI drivers are horrible. I hope
they make better ones soon because I am a Nvidia user and I would like to
change to ATI.

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Subject: [ut2003io] radeon 9700

> Hello,
> I was wondering what other people got with the new ATI cards.
> I just bought a 9500.
> The drivers installed fine in debian, but there are some weird issues.
> There doesn't seem to be any noticable graphic bugs in the ut2k3 demo,
> but the game runs really slow. 2-5 fps.
> My machine is a 950mhz athlon on a asus a7v (kt133) motherboard.
> But I have serious trouble in quake3, were some textures are invisible.
> Have anybody tried one of these cards?
> Does it have the same troubles?
> It would be nice to know if my driver installation had gone wrong.
> I have attached glxinfo, for your enjoyment.
> --
> Lean Fuglsang <lean at omnia.dk>

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