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Mon Apr 21 12:27:03 EDT 2003

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On Monday 21 April 2003 16:18, Johan Schuring wrote:
> I think we must be very lucky that Epic (Mark Rein) said when there is a
> linux server we also make a linux client, otherwise there wasn't a client
> for ut2k3.

Definitely! It was a very cool move, and also very good for the Linux gaming 

> The windows market is really big, i know some guys who tried to play ut2k3
> in linux, but their hardware is still windows based, ATI videocards (screen
> crashes after a while), onboard audio (Intel), the drivers for linux aren't
> on that level of the windows drivers, they can't get 5.1 (maybe 6.1)on that
> onboard audio, only stereo., AGP needs an extra string (unsupported),
> etc...

That's someone who relies on windoze drivers. Here is my list:

NVidia GeForce2 - supported as good in Linux as it is in Windoze
SB Audigy! - full digital surround sound
RTL 8139 NIC - supported out of the box
The rest - all out of the box support

It's just what stuff you pick.

> Don't forget they are trying, but likes the click and play based products
> of windows, a reboot costs them less time then editing some files in Linux,
> they don't understand vi, etc....

If they don't understand vi, they should use nano, pico, or whatever 
newbie-friendly editor they want.

> They have to wait much longer for getting custom maps, can't get into their
> password protected clan server,

Which will all be fixed, but are really true bugs.

> what makes them dual booting and stay on windows, delete the Linux
> partitions after a while, they don't use it.

Then they don't _want_ to use Linux. I use Linux for all my stuff, *except* 
the things I can't do there, like Unreal2.

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