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Matthias Bach marix at marix-world.de
Mon Apr 21 16:37:52 EDT 2003

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Hi guys!

Am Montag, 21. April 2003 16:18 schrieb Johan Schuring:
> The windows market is really big, i know some guys who tried to play ut2k3
> in linux, but their hardware is still windows based, ATI videocards (screen
> crashes after a while), onboard audio (Intel), the drivers for linux aren't
> on that level of the windows drivers,
thats why i hardly get my 25fps average on my very clean windows box. i know, 
win2k is not high performance, but in linux on the same computer with apache, 
mysql and kde running in the background if get 30 fps at least. that why i 
won't even bother trying unreal2 on windows. hey, even on linux i might have 
to upgrade, but it would be worth a try.

> Don't forget they are trying, but likes the click and play based products
> of windows, a reboot costs them less time then editing some files in Linux,
> they don't understand vi, etc....
there is stuff like kedit ;)

> cameron (cameron at aberdeenlanparty.co.uk) wrote:
> >Yehh guys I hear where you are coming from but its all down to the $$$$
> >windows is the biggest market at the moment and as popular as Linux is its
> >still very much on the sidelines.

still it would be no that big a problem if you made it multiplatform from the 
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