[ut2003io] TNT2 on Linux

David Krider david at davidkrider.com
Mon Sep 30 15:28:22 EDT 2002

I'll second this. I have a dual Athlon 1200 MP, and I'm upgrading to a GeForce4 
4600 from a GeForce 2Ti in order to play the game at any reasonable framerate. 
I guess there might be some debugging code left in the demo, or there might 
have been some optimizations made to the renderer before going gold, but I have 
no idea. All that I know is that I get a much more consistent framerate under 
Win2K than under RedHat 7.3, even when I borrow the GeForce4 from my work computer.

My work computer is even a little sluggish under Linux, which is scary, because 
it's a dual 1800+ MP. I realize that these sorts of games get made with the 
understanding that they need to be relevant over a couple generations of 
computer lifecycles, but come on! There's not a *whole* lot more power out 
there than what I've got here at work, and I have a hard time keeping >35 fps 
(at 800x600 with some details - notably character shadows - turned off) in some 
areas in the outdoor level. (The indoor level is another story altogether.)

If anyone on this list has put together a nice list of what tweaks will help 
the most under Linux, in order to get the framerates higher and keep them more 
steady, I'd love to know about it.


Michiel El Muerte Hendriks wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 01:18:45PM -0600, Bryan Field-Elliot wrote:
>>I'm running RH Linux 7.3.
>>I had a Voodoo3 card, but upon trying to play UT2003, I got the
>>"DXTC/S3TC support" error.
>>Reading the README file, which said "you should pop an Nvidia card into
>>your machine", I went out and bought a TNT2 (32MB) card and, as
>>instructed, popped it in.
>>Now I'm still getting the same error, and a little digging around with
>>google revealed that, perhaps, the TNT2 chips don't support S3TC, and
>>that what I really need is a card with a Geforce2 chipset.
>>Is this the case? At the least, the readme should be updated with the
>>more specific information. Or, if there's a workaround to get UT2003 to
>>work with my shiny new TNT2 card, I would appreciate it.
> The OpenGL renderer _requires_ texture compression. TNT2 doesn't support
> texture compression. Direct3D does not require texture compression, so
> it will work on Windows but not on Linux. But still, playing UT2003 on a
> TNT2 is not much fun (I can know)

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