[ut2003io] TNT2 on Linux

Bryan Field-Elliot bryan_lists at netmeme.org
Mon Sep 30 15:38:25 EDT 2002

Thanks. I paid $55 for the TNT2 card at CompUSA. Obviously I don't know
shit about graphics cards, but then again, neither should the UT2003
README assume otherwise. That was my point.

I'll go exchange it for a Geforce2 this afternoon.

Thanks for the other performance tips - I have a 1Gz Athlon, 768MB RAM.
Should be adequate.



On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 13:31, David Hedbor wrote:

> Bryan Field-Elliot <bryan_lists at netmeme.org> writes:
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> >
> > I'm running RH Linux 7.3.
> >
> > I had a Voodoo3 card, but upon trying to play UT2003, I got the
> > "DXTC/S3TC support" error.
> >
> > Reading the README file, which said "you should pop an Nvidia card into
> > your machine", I went out and bought a TNT2 (32MB) card and, as
> > instructed, popped it in.
> >
> > Now I'm still getting the same error, and a little digging around with
> > google revealed that, perhaps, the TNT2 chips don't support S3TC, and
> > that what I really need is a card with a Geforce2 chipset.
> >
> > Is this the case? At the least, the readme should be updated with the
> > more specific information. Or, if there's a workaround to get UT2003 to
> > work with my shiny new TNT2 card, I would appreciate it.
> As already pointed out, the TNT2 card won't work since it lacks
> texture compression. As a side-note I really hope you didn't pay more
> than $5-10 bucks for that ancient card (it's as old as the Voodoo 3).
> As for required cards, I think any GeForce card should work but I see
> no reason to get anything less than a GF2 - you should be able to get
> one for less than what the game itself costs.
> What is your hardware in general? Other than the graphics card, does
> it fulfill the requirements? I'd say realistic minimum hardware is
> around 1 GHz CPU (perhaps a big less) and a GF2 graphics card. And
> that is on the lower scale of what you'd want to use (My machine is
> 1.2 GHz Athlon + GF2 Pro and it's ok, but far from great).
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