[ut2003io] TNT2 on Linux

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Mon Sep 30 15:31:11 EDT 2002

Bryan Field-Elliot <bryan_lists at netmeme.org> writes:

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> I'm running RH Linux 7.3.
> I had a Voodoo3 card, but upon trying to play UT2003, I got the
> "DXTC/S3TC support" error.
> Reading the README file, which said "you should pop an Nvidia card into
> your machine", I went out and bought a TNT2 (32MB) card and, as
> instructed, popped it in.
> Now I'm still getting the same error, and a little digging around with
> google revealed that, perhaps, the TNT2 chips don't support S3TC, and
> that what I really need is a card with a Geforce2 chipset.
> Is this the case? At the least, the readme should be updated with the
> more specific information. Or, if there's a workaround to get UT2003 to
> work with my shiny new TNT2 card, I would appreciate it.

As already pointed out, the TNT2 card won't work since it lacks
texture compression. As a side-note I really hope you didn't pay more
than $5-10 bucks for that ancient card (it's as old as the Voodoo 3).

As for required cards, I think any GeForce card should work but I see
no reason to get anything less than a GF2 - you should be able to get
one for less than what the game itself costs.

What is your hardware in general? Other than the graphics card, does
it fulfill the requirements? I'd say realistic minimum hardware is
around 1 GHz CPU (perhaps a big less) and a GF2 graphics card. And
that is on the lower scale of what you'd want to use (My machine is
1.2 GHz Athlon + GF2 Pro and it's ok, but far from great).

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