[ut2003io] SMP ?

Kevin Podbielniak myname at biznet.net
Mon Sep 23 13:49:52 EDT 2002

Don't know if this helps,  but a few months back I sent an email to Epic 
asking if UT2k3 supported dual processors, and they told me that UT2k3 only 
supported single processors.

I did some tests about 2 years back and the SBLive card did suck up alot of 
CPU cycles, and appeared to be more of a resource hog than other cards I 
tested (hercules and turtle beach).

Hope this helps.

Your current rig should be sufficient, just not at 1280x1024.  :)


At 12:54 PM 9/23/02, you wrote:
>I have machine including a 1GHz Athlon, plenty of RAM, GeForce4 Ti4200, 
>I like the demo very much, but it suffers from a few slow downs in the 
>heat of battle (details at max, res. of 1280x, I think).
>I'm thinking of upgrading/replacing this box, and until I recently read a 
>posting (I think it was one of Ryan's) about a sound driver taking a lot 
>of CPU time on one CPU of an SMP machine, I had been assuming there 
>probably wasn't much merit in forking out for a dual CPU machine for the 
>sake of gaming.  But this post got me wondering.
>So I'm thinking along the lines of:
>a) Asus A7V333, Athlon XP2100+, PC2700 RAM
>b) Asus A7M266-D, dual Athlon MP1900+'s, PC2100 RAM
>I wouldn't really be using this box for many demanding applications other 
>than gaming. just the occasional compile really.
>Do you guys consider there's any merit in SMP over single CPU for gaming ?
>Appologies in advance if you consider this off topic, I guess it's 
>slightly on / slightly off.  But I know you are good people to ask.
>Many thanks.
>PS.  Thanks to Ryan and others for the great game port and very 
>informative postings.  Great to see people catering for linux gamers and 
>doing a superb job of it.
>Back to fighting with wine to get my mic working with HalfLife ...  (sigh)

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