[ut2003io] UT2k3 Linux Patch 1c

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Sat Sep 21 05:02:43 EDT 2002

Lord Demios <grahn at thegamebox.net> writes:

>> http://unreal.epicgames.com/linux/ut2003/updates.txt
>>    ...lists all mirrors that are part of the autoupdate system (but you 
>> can pull from them directly, too, if you prefer).
> How hard coded is this mirroring system?  It would be nice to be able to
> use FTP to help restrict connections and bandwidth.  Something that would
> allow the client to read a, "too many connections", or "not enough
> bandwidth to allow you to download", so it could decide to shift to a
> different mirror.  I know several sites that would be happy to help the
> linux mirroring, but they worry a little about controlling the bandwidth.

Just deny it and the update client will try another mirror. No problem
at all.

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