[ut2003io] install help

Tanis tanis at mojo-madness.co.uk
Sat Sep 14 20:06:32 EDT 2002

Yep - I knew it was just a an installer - it's just that I have CS also
setup and running on my server in /usr/local/games/halflife, so I thought
putting it into /usr/local/games/ut would help keep things clearer for me.

About the web admin - your instructions seem clear enough. Do I have to
actually set the port to 8080 or does this ip_passthru.pl do that? If this
all goes clear, what url would I be looking at possibly to actually view the
admin page? Right now my main site name (there is no index page - site is
being built) is: www.wolfhold.com - I'm hoping the webpage to view it could
be off this mainpage, something like www.wolfhold.com/ServerAdmin for

Thanks for this help, btw - it's very much appreciated.


p.s. Has anyone actually got their server's running we could check out?!

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