[ut2003io] install help

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Sat Sep 14 19:31:23 EDT 2002

> 1 - I have downloaded the linux demo to /usr/local/games/ut - it's been
> chmodded to 755. Can you recommend anything I should - install dir link
> etc - to make sure it gets installed properly?

Just to be clear...the 95 megabyte download is an installer, not 
something you drop into a directory. You knew that, right?

> 2 - What do I need to do (it it is possible to do) to get the web based
> admin page working/

In your .ini file, look for the [UWeb.WebServer] section. In that 
section, bEnabled should be True, ListenPort should be set to 
something...I usually set it to 8080 and use the included ip_passthru.pl 
script to pass port 80 traffic to 8080 (since I don't want to run the 
game as root just to bind to a low port).

When running the game (this is on one line, if it wordwraps here)

    /where/i/install/ut2003_demo/ucc server 

"DM-Antalus" is the mapname, "username" and "password" are the logins 
for WebAdmin.

Enterprising folks can use stunnel to make webadmin chatter encrypted 
(otherwise, your admin password is sent in the clear, using the standard 
http protocol).

> 3 - Do you have any basic recommendations to it's config file (whatever that
> is called) to enhance the server?

If you can run the client, select "host game" from the menu and set 
everything up in there and quit out...that's the easiest way to 
configure it.  :)

A lot of the admin information hasn't changed from the original UT, so 
existing HOWTOs are mostly valid, still.


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