[ut2003io] install help

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Sat Sep 14 20:22:46 EDT 2002

> About the web admin - your instructions seem clear enough. Do I have to
> actually set the port to 8080 or does this ip_passthru.pl do that? If this
> all goes clear, what url would I be looking at possibly to actually view the
> admin page? Right now my main site name (there is no index page - site is
> being built) is: www.wolfhold.com - I'm hoping the webpage to view it could
> be off this mainpage, something like www.wolfhold.com/ServerAdmin for
> instance.


1) Opens port 80 by default
2) Drops root privs if it has them
3) Takes connections on port 80, connects to port 8080 (by default) on 
localhost (by default) and just passes bytes between the two.

It's meant to let you use the standard http port with WebAdmin, but not 
run the server as root (since you need to be root to bind port 80).

The only difference would be instead of connecting to 
http://servername.com:8080/, you would connect to http://servername.com/

If www.wolfhold.com has a real webserver already, /ServerAdmin can do an 
http redirect to the actual WebAdmin server.


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