[ut2003io] Different benchmarks?

Lean Fuglsang lean at omnia.dk
Sat Sep 14 16:43:00 EDT 2002

On lør, 2002-09-14 at 22:38, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> After benchmarking the Linux and Windows versions of the demo, I noticed 
> that the botmatch-citadel benchmark is not the same in both OSes. For 
> example, in the Windows version, when the blue player jumps in the hole 
> leading to his flag, someone immediately gibs as soon as he lands. In 
> the Linux version, he just runs off to the right. Also, in the Windows 
> version, a red player jumps down the hole leading to his flag. That 
> doesn't happen at all in the Linux one. Similarly, in the Linux version, 
> two red players are on a bridge and they see someone gib quite 
> spectacularly in the entrance to one of the bases. That doesn't happen 
> in the Windows version.
> Thoughts?
>    Matt
As far as I can tell from the bat files, it just runs a botmatch for 77
seconds - it doesn't even run a demo. 

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