Different benchmarks?

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Sat Sep 14 16:38:45 EDT 2002

After benchmarking the Linux and Windows versions of the demo, I noticed 
that the botmatch-citadel benchmark is not the same in both OSes. For 
example, in the Windows version, when the blue player jumps in the hole 
leading to his flag, someone immediately gibs as soon as he lands. In 
the Linux version, he just runs off to the right. Also, in the Windows 
version, a red player jumps down the hole leading to his flag. That 
doesn't happen at all in the Linux one. Similarly, in the Linux version, 
two red players are on a bridge and they see someone gib quite 
spectacularly in the entrance to one of the bases. That doesn't happen 
in the Windows version.


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