[ut2003servers] 2136 patch is being released

Joseph Tan j.tan at softhome.net
Wed Oct 30 01:20:06 EST 2002

> And to add to the praise, Ryan, you do realize the number of UT players
> you're converting to Linux with your efforts, right?  I've got a whole
> clan of Microsoft-haters who feel enslaved to Windoz by the fact that they
> are game addicts.  I know Loki and others were and are out there doing
> ports for popular games, but getting great game titles like UT2003 out for
> Linux _alongside_ the Windows release is definitely opening the eyes of
> people who think there's MS or there's nothing.  That above all is
> praiseworthy, so I say to you thank you and well done.

So true.

A little request. If and when there is a GOTY edition of UT2003 then 
perhaps the Linux client could get a mention on the packaging. Great 
work guys!

Joseph Tan

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