[ut2003io] Re: [ut2003servers] 2136 patch is being released

[Apoc]Death death at apoc.org
Tue Oct 29 21:25:54 EST 2002

> Thanks for your patience with this.
> --ryan.

No rush, what you're doing is phenomenal and highly appreciated...  As I
said, I'll make something good come of it.  Never let it be said I didn't
make the best out of what I'm given.  Open servers rock, they're just hard
to keep under control.  I'll make do, though.

And to add to the praise, Ryan, you do realize the number of UT players
you're converting to Linux with your efforts, right?  I've got a whole
clan of Microsoft-haters who feel enslaved to Windoz by the fact that they
are game addicts.  I know Loki and others were and are out there doing
ports for popular games, but getting great game titles like UT2003 out for
Linux _alongside_ the Windows release is definitely opening the eyes of
people who think there's MS or there's nothing.  That above all is
praiseworthy, so I say to you thank you and well done.

[Apoc]Death (AKA Rob Gutermuth)    death at apoc.org
Clan Apoc Server Administrator     http://www.apoc.org

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